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4 Steps to Making Rigorous Discussion a Routine So trueSo funny
4 Steps to Making Rigorous Discussion a Routine Great ideas-simple to implement. I really like the way she incorporates writing.
Edutopia blogger Todd Finley considers whole class discussion and presents ample…
Hone your skills like curiosity, listening, cultural sensitivity, and humor to provide all students with equitable opportunities for learning.
This great PDF from includes a reference list of discussion connector statements for high school Socratic seminars.
State-of-the-Art Units, Tools, and Methods for Teaching Powerful Reading and Writing Workshops
Quick strategy for engaging students who are quiet and reluctant. By giving these students a guide sheet and responsibility during discussions, teachers are ...
Transcript: May-June 2019 Q&A
At a high school in Vermont, Amir Flesher gives his students a glimpse into how their minds work—with the goal of making adolescence less painful and ...
5 steps towards creating a climate of academic integrity.
Why Teach with Project-Based Learning?: Providing Students With a Well-Rounded Classroom Experience | Edutopia
For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men
Endoscopic Interventions in Acute Pancreatitis: What the Advanced Endoscopist Wants to Know
Educators are tasked with teaching students how to find answers themselves. And it all starts with a simple three-word phrase: I don't know.
Harde's exhaustive reply to the criticism has been refused publication, which has effectively silenced scientific debate on this salient topic.
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Great Thinkers, Great Theorems
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This is the bi-weekly visible open thread (there are also hidden open threads twice a week you can reach through the Open Thread tab on the top of the page) ...
... Walking on Water now), and I've started doing office hours via videoconference for anybody who has questions. REBECCA: You're basically creating Khan ...
... dubbed SR#15 about to be released today, we have this bombshell- a detailed audit shows the surface temperature data is unfit for purpose.
They're usually not surprising: smoking is linked to genes for nicotine receptors; alcoholism is linked to genes for GABA receptors.
A Father's Presence Matters
FJ LABS 2018 Year in Review
Aspirational goals include facilitator training expertise, enhanced methods for real-time case discussion, and research to demonstrate the impact of PI and ...
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Improving the process of diagnosis -- particularly creating time and space to discuss diagnosis -- appears necessary, especially in the afternoon when test ...
May 1, 2017 94 Comments
Under the leadership of County Executive Bruce Dammeier, Pierce County's Economic Development Department and the Economic Development Board for ...
S2E22 – Bill Sheridan | Becoming Future-Proof
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Alumni who served on the alumni dev panel and the companies they work for:
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Ecological networks (e.g., food webs, plant-pollinator networks) have the structures they do because other structures would be unstable:
In case you haven't heard, evil corporations are grasping for control of our schools—and our children. At The Daily, Reihan Salam explains that the whole ...
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PODCAST: Privacy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
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... we may be tempted to think that the historical facts were well established and the narrative ...
Serial entrepreneur, world-class investor, eagle scout, and all around wild and crazy guy Kevin Rose (@KevinRose), rejoins me for another episode of The ...
Gray, Asa. 1888. Darwiniana: Essays and reviews pertaining to Darwinism. New York: D. Appleton.
Archimedes is modest and sort of hum-drum, and he was fun to write into Wild Cards canon precisely because of those qualities. But then an unexpected thing ...
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Photo of Altitude Apartments - Malden, MA, United States
The A-Z of K-pop: know your sasaengs from your monster rookies
Transcripts of Selected Flow Cytometry Webinars | Thermo Fisher Scientific - CL
Finally, if you are interested in pumped hydro storage, a previous Brave New Climate article by Peter Lang covers the topic in detail, and the comment ...
Kelly O'Dwyer speaking in Parliament
... and the regular seasonal pattern. But try getting something out of the monthly percentage changes, where the seasonal effects dominate:
... create a PICU-specific conceptual model of the diagnostic process and support efforts to understand and improve diagnostic safety in intensive care.
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And granted, the Romans were a little more obsessed with lead than could possibly have been healthy. But these data are supported by reconstructions of ...
For Dogs, Max Is the New Spot, Even in New York City
What is clear is that it is not the physical world. This error is fatal. Changes of CO2 relying on it cannot satisfy the conservation law which is satisfied ...
How important is grit relative to talent? Can grit be taught? Angela Duckworth of the University of Pennsylvania and author of Grit: The Power of Passion ...
I think the easiest way to visualize this is to look at the attached logic flowchart of the “global warming decision process”.
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screenshot of task manager performance CPU workload (4 graphs)
This is not a question of inadequate storage capacity – we can't just buy or make more storage to make it work.
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In contrast to Dourado's view, Robert Sams recently provided a more cohesive look at the fundamental reasons for why, despite the creation of new “ ...
Physics is fun to imagine
Book Nook Cafe discussion
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4.2% yr/yr is a pretty hefty increase. But it's right in line with annual increases stretching back over the past decade:
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The mean values of preparatory school students' university entrance scores in